Found 17th Jul 2008
Yup being a geek and on the bloody internet.....blame the 14 year old addict of a cousin.Soooooooooooooo your all ,missing my super dooper very funny little olde self? Well you will have to keep missing coz me and Libs are working on the tans... (and using the "perv" glasses so the fella cant see me looking at the hunks!)
Catch ya soon.....big wuvv, Mammy & Libs x

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Have a lovely time honey xxx

Oooh you lucky thing. It's been freezing here today. Brrrrrrr. And there you are in sunny Cor-Phew.
Have a lovely time. :thumbsup:

Fatties Bar in Kaiser Bridge :thumbsup:

i'm jealous llm :lol: but at least i'll be able to go to the next sale on satuday

Have a great time and have acouple of beers for me:thumbsup:

Have fun lulu dont do anything i wouldnt.............when you work that 1 out let me know hun

Have a great time Llm and take some pics of the talent ;-)

ahh im so jealous, wish i could go on hols but im too pregnant now lol have a lovely time

May have been missing you a little bit:p
Watch out for the deadly rays - get that sunscreen on. Enjoy yourselves.
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