Man creates new bathroom floor by tiling £55 worth of 1p coins

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Got me thinking if it was legal or not. What do you think?

I might paper the front room with all those £20 notes I have under the mattress.
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Link doesn't …Link doesn't work.

It does ... well now it does.
Thanks for the link.
That’s what I call “spending a penny”
Copied the person who made a floor with 2p coins. Old news
A friend of mine did this a couple of years ago but he used 5p's. About £370 worth. All glued into place and then clear resin on top. Last year he then did this hallway floor with 1p's, it looks like the bathroom in the link, many shades of copper. Very effective.

The only problem with his bathroom floor is he has underfloor heating which has started playing up. If he has to pull the floor up to replace it, all the 5p's will need replacing, it's not going to be easy to remove the epoxy resin off 7400 5p's.
Excellent idea. However, I would have moved the radiator. Saves your legs getting burnt whilst doing a number 2 in the winter.
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