Man gets thumbs surgically "whittled" for better iPhone use

Found 10th Aug 2007
Thomas Martel, 28, of Bonnie Brae, described by the paper as "a big guy" was struggling to use the touchscreen keyboard on his iPhone so he did what any red-blooded gadget lover would do and got his thumb chopped about to better use the device.

more info -…tml

thumbs up for this guy :giggle:
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As they say "Only in America" :roll:
I'm just relieved he bought an Iphone and not a dictaphone
What is revoloutionary bout that. Shave down thumb and bone to smaller size, not technical. Throw enough money at a private surgeon and they will do aything you want......
One Word - Idiot!
Apparently the guy has really big hands and now they've made his thumb look like that of a 10 year old girl :giggle: what a freeeeeeak!!!!
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