Man hacks Alexa into Big Mouth Billy Bass

    A developer named Brian Kane has hacked his Alexa to speak through the avatar of a wall-mounted Big Mouth Billy Bass. It’s not clear exactly how he did it, but it’s probably related to the Alexa API — opened in April just after the release of the Dot — which allows developers to embed the smart assistant in third-party hardware.

    In the Facebook video, you can clearly see the animatronic fish responding to Alexa’s wake word and moving its mouth in sync with her commands. The results, embedded above, are unsettling to say the least.

    The Big Mouth Billy Bass is a classic of novelty shops and Wal-Marts, designed to sing "Take Me To The River" or "Don’t Worry Be Happy" when its motion sensor is activated. There’s no built-in microphone, so presumably Billy is running off some off-camera offboard microphone.

    On some level, this is a joke — but it’s also a vision of our platform-agnostic future. If you can put Alexa in a car or a phone, why not a wall-mounted novelty fish? Of course, there are lots of reasons, but you don’t know until you try.…api


    That's weird!:D

    That's quality X)

    Tip my hat to the guy for the effort.

    haha my Alexa copied it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That I imagine is a very simple hack no API's, all you need is to hack a wire from the speaker on Echo or Echo dot, into the audio output of the Billy Bass.

    Still pretty funny

    wow, I want to get one but I would like to be able to change its name, and the voice

    hardly a hack, just rewiring the sound.

    When I saw that title I thought it was a porno thread
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