Man in China dies after three-day Internet session

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Now thats funny, but strange!

Hmm....Maybe I should go take a break and having something to eat.....

:whistling: thought u had a break on saturday-sunday:giggle:

its not going to put me off locking myself away from the world when the new gta comes out

that guy was weak, it's called natural selection

3 days? Poor effort.

Surely it can't have really been 3 whole days though? As it says it was an internet cafe, so assuming that they weren't the owner of said cafe, they would've only been able to be there for a certain amount of time before it closed each day.


Some stay open 24/7 if you've ever been to europe. I know I walked into an Easycafé early one morning for some web surfing.

i find it strange as it seems like this is hilarious or comedy to some people?!?!

Well he did die a stupid death.

Its actually a recognised addiction (internet addiction) especailly with MMO's I've done what he did before i've actually played an MMO for 6 days straight only stopping to eat and sleep a few hours a night, come to think about it i'm lucky to be alive :-D he's not the first guy to die because of it either, though its usually suicide there was a guy who couldn't stop playing everquest so killed himself at his computer and there was a case where some guy's baby died of neglect because he couldn't pull himslef away from the cumputer and left the baby crying all day also i did hear of someone dieing from DVT after a monster gaming session at his desk too. Its a big problem in china and the far east and i think china is the first county in the world to set up a clinic to help people with an internet gaming addiction check this out…998

Wow, I would consider myself to be an internet addict, what with liking computers and the internet so much (and sometimes when I'm away from a computer, wondering what's going on in certain parts of the internet :giggle:), but I wouldn't leave a baby on it's own, or kill myself because of it etc.

I guess it'd probably be that I have an internet addiction, but still have common sense that there are still a lot more important things that take priority.


I don't blame anybody that commits suicide at their computer's side. There are so many reasons to do it, pop-ups - they are really aggravating. Ebay - enough said. Porn - just not fair. Not to mention dissconections and slow internet speeds, download limits and identity theft. Phishing, the idea of getting fished has never appealed to me.

Chatrooms, you think you've met the love of your life, spend months talking to them, buy the tickets to Thailand just to find out you've got to pay. If that happens to me once more, I might consider suicide.

Windows - so misleading. I got locked out of my computer the other day, went to climb through a window and got a nasty bump on the head.

Yeah sorry 'bout that, but i give you a good rate.

Damn prissy boy give me Halo 3 and I'll break his 3 day solid streak.

I'm surprised he didn't die sooner.
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