Man invents $7,000 talking sex robot

Found 2nd Feb 2010
WTF are they going to invent next?

Also take a look at the comments (Sort by "most liked")

"She doesn't vacuum or cook" . . . Wow! That IS life-like!
Sorry, she won't be able to "help" you tonight she's on the iPad.
If you've got $7,000 to spend on this... thing.... how the hell are you not getting laid already?
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]Link to the report

]Link for the homepage where you can see a gallery.
It looks like Catherene tate!
I dare not look

I am a good Catholic boy

]Link to the report]Link for the homepage where you can see a gallery.

downside is, going by those pictures to use it properly, you have to be black.
Are you interested in the male or female version?

Who dares to do a webchat with the people who run the website? Maybe you end up talking to the robot?
Why expired, have the batteries run out?
nice nothing wrong with that.

to many tabos, people can do what they want, funny how everyone is to judge.

It looks like Catherene tate!

Maybe it IS Catherine Tate.
Face...bothered? lol. That would be an annoying robot.
If you were going to invent a sex robot, surely you wouldn't make it a ginger?
That's so wrong.

Anyone noticed he paid over the odds.

Sale Price: $6,495.00
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