Man Jailed After Letting His Girlfriend Eat Off Of His Plate

    As per title, cheap or what?!?!!?…ate


    Once I went to a buffet with my OH and little one,who was 2 at the time, even though she had a bit to eat off my plate, they tried to charge us for a child price for the bit that she ate.

    OMG tad harsh

    he deserved it! **** should have bought her a meal too!

    Thats the stupipdesnt thing i have ever heard, how tight and cheap can you get

    i would have counter sued for entrapment (if no signes were visable)

    Something had to be done or everyone would be at it! but prison ... is a wee bit harsh!

    People think its per plate? Buffets i eat at each person who sits down is charged. If you aint eating why are you there??
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