man pays over £40 million for a vase ??


    just saw this on the news, after the auction hose commission it was actually £50 million !!!!!!!!!!


    Nice vase. I'd hit it.

    he pays £53,105,000 including the commission

    i bet hes gonna be **** off when he gets home and finds out its made in China!

    the sellers will have £12,000,000~ capital gains tax bill and possible 40% inheritence tax bill if
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    He's probably that wealthy that it's like buying a mars bar to him.

    Presumably they're not going to ship it with City Link...........

    I don't fancy being the man/woman having to deliver this.

    Gutted my 40 million bid wasn't enough

    The fool, Ive got one he could've had for a tenner

    Crazy stuff.No matter how rich i was, i wouldn't be paying £40 quid for a vase,let alone 40 million.
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