Man United Rubiks cube .. you know you want one

Found 11th Jun 2012
All you bandwaggon jumping rags need one of these .. so get your loads of money at the ready.. and you can add it to your top quality green and gold neck warmers…tle
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top quality review ....

"I'm a bit dissapointed with this product. I was expecting all the sides to be the same so we could win all the time, but it appears that Nick Humby / Sir Alex have not given the financial inducements to the factory to make this happen. I've not been this upset since my SAF egg-timer resulted in me hard-boiling my eggs for 25 minutes instead of 6."
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also if you`re in need of something to keep your prawn butties safe on those oh so long train trips from the south Coast .. A review of the man yoo lunch bag .. also available from Amazon

"Manchester United Soft Lunch Bag: "This has become an essential item for those long train journeys from the south coast to Manchester. Our lads feel proud as punch sat with all the other cockney reds singing nursery rhymes all the way to the theatre of dreams"
I think Rudolph uses one of these for his team selections.
old whiskey nose uses this ....

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i feel pre-trolled
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