Man Utd OR UB40 Tickets

Found 7th Dec 2008
Haha, ok, I know it's a weird combo, but it's for my Dad's christmas present. I think going to watch united play would be the preference, but either will do just fine, I reckon! (Just thinking that the Man Utd games are nearer after xmas)

Can anyone point me in the right direction for getting either of these cheap?

I'm going by the prices for UB40 on Ticketmaster, and the prices for Man Utd game on the Man Utd website.

As for Man Utd, what would be the best end to be at? West or East? These tickets are £26 each on the Man Utd website.

Well I've never bought any of these types of tickets before, so I welcome your help!!!
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Man U tix as UB40 aint the same without Ali :-(

Man U tix as UB40 aint the same without Ali :-(

That's what I was thinking, too. (I'm a UB40 fan too)
No Ali? I was just about to say UB4O...I would still get some of the Lords medicine and go and see UB4O, it will be much better than Man Poo :whistling:
on the united website look at the map of seats it also gives photos of what view you will get.
I usually sit in the nort east stand great views but they tend to be about £40.:thumbsup:
I'm happy with the view we'd get from the cheap tickets, but can't find HOW THE HELL to buy the Man Utd tickets on the website

use this link.
u probarbly will only be able to buy tickets where it says GS means general sale. the only one at the moment is the home game against Aalborg in the CL.
if you become a one utd member u may be able to purchase other games tickets.
some weekday games usually come up for sale on General sale. other than that it is very difficult to get hold of match day tickets.
hope it helps
You have to be a member of the one utd fan club before you can buy tickets - unless a game gome on general sale (very rare) - these games will normally be group champions league games or carling cup home games.
It's worth while ringing the ticket office a few days before the game as I have got a few that way but these are normally the corporate seats at £50 and they are not worth the extra money - end up sitting with all the prawn sandwich eaters and no atmosphere - west stand second tier is the place to be for singing and shouting
Damn, ok. It would have to be a weekend one for me unfortunately. Thanks for letting me know.

Re-think in order then! Thank you irshy for pointing me back here
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