Manage your "pre-approved" payments on your PayPal account

Posted 30th Nov 2018
I didn't realise these existed until today, and thought it was well worth sharing (especially coming up to the anniversary of some of last years deals).

I've had a bit of a nightmare trying to cancel the upcoming "renewal" of a subscription that was paid for via PayPal - no problem, right? Isn't PayPal for "one off" payments?

Turns out they aren't! Some might already know this, but many payments get set up as "pre-approved" payments, allowing further monies to be taken without going through the PayPal checkout. This is the equivalent of a Direct Debit basically, so useful for some types of payment/subscription, but definitely worth reviewing for other payments you might not be aware are set up this way. I removed over a dozen that were set up without me realising.

I couldn't find a way to do this on the app, but you can find it on via Desktop by logging in, clicking the settings (gear/cog) icon, then clicking the 'Payments' link, and then 'Manage pre-approved payments':

On the next page, you can see details of when any were set up, which funding source they use, how much they last took and when, and cancel any you don't want to be active.

Of course you shouldn't cancel anything that is active for a reason (in the same way you shouldn't cancel Direct Debits as a way to cancel a service), but you may find (like I did) that you have some you weren't aware of.

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