Managed to put a snowball through my window - cost of repair?

    Sup all,

    After building a snowman with my hot new housemate I decided to do the cliche thing and launch snow at her. In a fit of passion I managed to direct a snowball straight through one of the 4 pains of my kitchen window. It's a single pane of glass, very thin obviously and not all that large (don't have measurements to hand). It'll just be this pane that needs replacing, so I'm wondering what kind of price I should be looking out for?

    I will make some calls tomorrow but managing avoiding breaking windows up until now has made me very ignorant when it comes to glass repair!



    Shouldnt be anymore than 50 quid if its a small window pane.

    What is the approximate size and is it single or double glazed. Also will you be looking for just the glass supplied or fitting as well? I work for a glass company

    may be cheaper with house insurancev ...

    Hope you get somewhere with the girl, otherwise this is a massive failure!

    [QUOTE=angelfairee;4275727]Hope you get somewhere with the girl, otherwise this is a massive failure![/QUOTEpmsl x x x :thumbsup:
    sorry x x x

    A single peice of glass fitted should be anything from £30- £70 depending on where you live and who you use, try to find a joiner or small firm as they have little overheads, bigger companies will charge a call out fee and will proberly be over the odds, so a local joiner / glazier should be your best bet, dont forget to ask for money off for cash, most people would do a small job like that on the cheap, cash is king!

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    The glass alone will only be about £6 but I would try to get someone to fit it for you.

    I would say it will cost about £50 - £5 glass + £45 to fit it / call out.

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    Called about 8 different companies so far - the lowest quote I've been given is £80 including VAT, with the highest being £115 + VAT!!!

    Single pane, ground floor, 17x24in!

    Am I being quoted way over the odds? If anyone in Kent or Sussex knows of a cheap company it'd be much appreciated as the yellow pages isn't being all that helpful today.
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