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    I bet they will have availability here and the cheapest you will find too!!!

    Its where I go when I go to Old Trafford!

    Hope this helps

    Love S x

    they are more like little apartments outside of the pub, its a quiet location and very cheap! It might not appeal to everyone but for a cheap night in Manchester in will do.

    If United are playing it will be chocca (in the pub that is) but if they are not then it is usually very quiet. It isnt anything special but quite a nice little room. (image sort of a drive in motel like you see in the american films, a bit along those lines if you know what I mean).

    Hope this helps;


    Like I say its cheap accomodation. If you have reservations dont go for it! I wouldnt like you to be cursing me if your not happy lol (or worst still.........receiving a knock on your door from "Jason")

    Have you tried:


    Ahhh soz didnt realise it was a romantic weekend!!! It certainly wont do for that!!!
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