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    My son wants me to take him to a concert at the manchester academy. I have never been here before and was just wondering if anyone here had. Its says its a standing only show so you just pay the money for general admission. I was just wondering how it is inside, is it difficult to see and things because i don't want to take him if he isnt going to be able to see. Thank you


    Its an excellent venue and viewing is superb, highly recommend. I go about 5 times a year

    Who is it to see, how old and how tall is he?

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    Who is it to see, how old and how tall is he?

    jason derulo, he is 11 and about 5ft

    Like most smaller venues (don't know anything about this one) my daughter goes to the Birmingham o2 academy (I assume it's Manchester's equivelent) and she says most tend to crowd down the front and the back half is fairly empty as they don't tend to overcrowd standing areas for health & safety issues.
    So I assume that although he is fairly small he will be able to get a decent vantage point and enjoy himself.

    The place is run by Showsec, the best crowd management company in the UK.He'll be perfectly safe. If you have concerns, speak to one of their Staff and they'll help you. It's an exciting space and great for gigs.

    In essence it's a big barn, it's good though, secure, safe and great sound quality.

    If the crowd is too much back out of it and you can still see the stage.

    Most of the people that go are quite polite and you get a good mix of people there.

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    thanks all. i have booked the tickets now. he'll be well chuffed when he gets home from school. Thanks again everyone

    Not been to the Manchester academy since I seen Embrace there in 2000, It was a superb venue though!

    get a lot of students but very good venue.
    i went see the ting tings about 2 years ago gets packed at the front but from half way back its pretty spread out.
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