Manchester Airport - Car Park

    Hi all - I'm looking to try driving to the airport for our holiday this year rather than the usual taxi.
    Can anyone please recommend (based on experience) one of the good car park providers for Manchester airport.
    It seems there are quite a few in the locality.


    I always use meet and greet. Never had a problem with it and well worth the extra couple of quid compared to the time and hassle of buses.

    I always use jetparks


    just be careful, because the roundabout can be tricky.
    there's long stay and short stay, choose which one to go to first

    just make sure you use an official airport one, there's been a big report in the papers about the meet and greet companies parking your car on pub car parks for the time you're away, and petrol being used and milage going up on cars

    I've used "Toad park and ride" and jetparks a few times without any issues.5 minute transfer to terminals.

    We always use APH - never had any problems with them. Takes 5 - 10 minutes to get to the airport

    Toad park and ride, aph and dmd are all the same place ive never had any problems and received great service, try booking through purple parking and Quote E389W for discounts
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    Try looking on Holiday Extras website. They also pay Quidco.

    Just go for the on site long stay. All others are off site. Use code MAN0815ACT for 15% off (not sure if the ACT is required on the end). Once you use them once they bombard you with offers every month (some of which can be very good). This code is for the Man airport site.
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    Although I have no advice re Manchester Airport car parks, general advice which applies to all long stay car parks ;

    Take a note of your mileage and zero the odometer when you hand over control of the vehicle.

    If you park in a 'park'n'ride type' where you park yourself and collect the vehicle yourself from the car park, take a photo once parked, familiarise yourself with the location prior to collecting, if its been moved, check mileage/odometer, if mileage/odometer have changed do not move vehicle, query this at the office.

    I parked in a park 'n' ride facility, on return from a 2 week holiday nearly 50 miles had been driven, this, as agreed with the company, was excessive, after a tit-for-tat email exchange, I rec'd a full refund plus a cash gift as re-compense.

    Just back from a Prague trip and used Toad car park, 5 minutes from terminals. Excellent service and car ready with boot open and air-condition switched on, so just get in and drive home.
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