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Posted 19th Sep
Looking for a cheap deal on park and stay at Manchester airport for a family of 4/5, for june next year..

Any help or recommendations please?
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You'll be lucky. Charge you to breathe at Manchester airport.
If you haven't already booked look at Liverpool airport, much better.
Already booked mate
Best bet is to use the train it goes straight to the airport. If you really don't want to do that then you're looking at around £35 for a week
We have a 7am flight, o would need to be at airport for 5.30 am.
In April I paid £80 for a nights Hotel at premier inn and 2 weeks parking at Liverpool Airport...Guess I aint going to get a deal like that at Manchester
If you book early enough there's loads of Premier Inns near the airport. We managed to book overnight stay for £36 in July on a Sunday. Don't stay on the airport ones as they are always more expensive. There's 2 quite near jetparks 3 which is roughly £54 a week.

Heald green Premier Inn is usually cheapest and the closest to jetparks.
Also if ever you are thirsty in the airport just go into one of the bars which serve alcohol and get soda waters for free saves paying stupid prices for a little bottle of water.
We've found it's often cheaper to book seperately with Manchester airport. As somebody said above, as long as you're open to not staying directly on the airport site, there are plenty of Premier inns for around £30 per night nearby. However for parking alone you'll be lucky to get it for less than £80 for two weeks as the prices seem to have shot up in the past couple of years!
Flew from Manchester this July. (Booked separately) premier Inn £35 night, and 12 days parking with VIP meet&greet £38
Booked thru looking4parking with a code off mse
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