manchester stag do

    could someone advice me on were would be a great place to go in manchester to stay we need it close to all the nite life and also whats the best places to go



    There are loads of hotels in the centre of Manchester close to the nightlife. There are budget chains such as Premier Travel Inn then there hotels such as Jurys Inn, Novotel etc. It really depends on how much you want to spend, how many of you are going and when you want to go. If there are quite a few of you going it is better to get a hotel booked sooner rather than later just to make sure you all end up in the same hotel.

    If there are quite a few of you going then you may be entitled to one or two free places (depends on number going). One thing you do need to be aware of though is a lot of hotels will not accept group bookings from single sex groups, some that will may ask for a large bond from you. A lot of hotels in the past have had a lot of damage done by groups on stag & hen weekends, the hotels have been left out of pocket so a lot now ask for a bond just incase any damage is done. If there is no damage then they return the bond to you in full.

    Head for Canal St,stag groups would be made most welcome:giggle:

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    yeay there is 10 of us going and it in july the money isnt the problem like well will be staying 3 nites

    You normally need around 16 people going to get a free place. Jurys Inn is nice and centrally located

    I stayed here in Manchester…spx

    It's a proper apartment - but if there are 10 of you you could get 2 or 3 - sounds expensive but if you split it £50 each - for a flat - not just a pokey hotel room - can play music without people complaining etc. It's 5 mins from Canal Street and all the great pubs such as Loaf etc.

    Hope this helps

    hi mate

    i do the doors in manc and allow me

    firstly places - without a shadow of a doubt the best place is printworks - u have 4-5 bars there and quite a few clubs too. busiest place on a sat nite.

    if you fancy bars b4 hand too then deansgate locks - loaf, revolution, arc 9, bar baa *cheap shots* and sugar lounge and then perhaps move to a club etc

    just depends on what kinda night you want etc

    canal street isnt bad at all for straight guys just wanting a good laugh. you will do from the large amount of bars there and the fact u got the alternative side there too just makes things funnier when ur drunk

    if ur wanting more upper notch bars - u go to deansgate - living rooms, label and then onto press club. room restaurant is good too

    on a sat night if your lookin for a big club which plays general music/dance to end the night its a choice of opus in printworks or m2 on oxford street

    and if money really isnt an issue - stay at the midland hotel or the lowry. fantastic. failing that go for the hilton on deansgate - uk's tallest building there and the views are awesome.

    the hotels on portland street and around the picadilly train station are generally 3* cheap and cheerful though some of them could really do wiht a make over. britannia is a nice large hotel wiht a late nite bar, thistle, novotel, travel lodge and loads more around here. its right in the city centre too so its good. just make sure when you do come u avoid a major sporting event as all the hotels get sold out with the scandanavians/irish coming over to see man u.

    you dont want to go to a sausage fest in ur bar/club

    strip joints u got long legs in china town or fantasy bar on deansgate

    aside from that i dont htink there's much else really.

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    cheers for that great help

    try [url][/url] its about a £4 taxi ride from town on a par with the usual travelinn's and lodges just as cheap but always seems to have spaces and not bad accommodation

    also a place in town called teasers, which is a bit of a strip club but attracts more girls than it does guys, which i always find amazing,

    have fun

    Personally, I wouldn't recommend Manchester for a Stag Do!

    Being a native, and frequenting Town often, I speak with experience when I say that most Bars will not let groups of more than 2 or 3 blokes in at a time. Even if you split up, you have the problem of people not getting in certain places, so then the groups get seperated, and with normal high jinks that happen on a Stag Do, Security will spot you a mile off!!!!!

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    if thats the case were should we head for then

    Not sure - as I am having mine this year as well lol!

    TBH - we went up to Newcastle, had a day Paint Balling and then headed into town, not the Cattle Market either, some nice swanky bars. Had a few problems in certain bars, but in general it was a good night.

    It is best deciding on what club you want to end up in, and then maybe trying to get on the guest list, but tell them it's a works do or something like that - anything but a stag do lol!

    Where are you from?

    Edinburgh is supposed to be tops as well. However, at all costs avoid Blackpool!!!!!!!!

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    been there i`m in aberdeen so close vtoo
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