Manchester united old trafford parking please help

Posted 7th Sep 2022
Hi, can anyone help me i have tickets for man united but i am not sure on the best place to park. There is an e2 car park which is very near stadium but i am unsure if you just pay on the day.

Also, is there any where else anyone could reccomend parking?

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    Safestore Manchester Old Trafford…Y78
    They put on match day parking. Only 10 minute walk to stadium. Think it's £7 still which is cheap compared to alot of the random match day parking. There's loads of match day parking around but trust this place more and good value. Also its not a nightmare to get out of after the match because its always rammed with traffic around old Trafford.
    👊 MUFC
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    Park for free at Trafford Centre and get the tram.
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    Just turn up you will see loads of places offering match day parking
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    Download an app called just park, every time I've gone to Old Trafford i can find parking for around about a fiver on a match day and aim for a 10-15 min walk away from the stadium. Don't park too close otherwise it will take around an hour just to get out of traffic.
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    Worth asking on TripAdvisor. Hundreds of people ask this question over there with lots of suggestions
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    I’ve always parked on the old Trafford cricket ground
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    do you need to pre book? Thanks
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    Park at the lowry and walk over the bridge. Leave the grohnd at 85 mins and walk fast back to the car.You can save yourself half an hour of standstill traffic that way
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    I've travelled to Old Trafford loads of matches. The Incom Group car park nearby is great if u can get a space. This website has got a few good spots:…ng/
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