Manchester United Tickets

    Does anyone know how i can get 2 tickets for a united match. Just any game (tho perferably a saturday)

    or does anyone have 2 spare tickets



    u need to sign up to their supporters club normally 40 quid a year then u can get tickets alot more easily

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    i would do that but i live in n ireland so that would reali be a waste of money

    It's £25 per year foe One United Membership, that then entitles you to apply for tickets - failing that - very hard other than cup games which go on general sale - so look out for 4thy round of the cup and being drawen at home and you may be lucky.

    google sport ticket index a tout message board you can sometimes get them for face value on there



    i would do that but i live in n ireland

    Not Essex or Plymouth then!!!!

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    no neither of those places but my family are from manchester hence the support

    Not always.

    On the website there is a way to buy tickets without membership. Some do come up for sale with general sales. There is a free membership code you need to purchase.

    Most of these games that come up are the Champions League Group Games mind you...

    Hi (to whoever posted this post, sorry)

    i think i might be able to get you two, for about £40 in the stretford end if thats any good

    pm if your interested


    Im a United member so may be able to get you some if your still interested??
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