Manchester United Tickets

    Rightio, not selling anything here just trying to gauge interest.

    My partner is a season ticket holder at old trafford, the only problem is she struggles to make it to the cup games which are complusary purchases at home for season ticket holders. Im wondering if there are any fans local to us who would be interested in taking the occasional ticket (and transport) off us, and there are sometimes tickets for league games spare aswell (the more you go the more chance you have of getting tickets).

    The travel is provided by the local supporters branch in Worksop, its a bus laid on and picks up in Worksop and costs £15. Most cup games cost £35 a ticket, im not sure about league games but i think they are similar.

    Would there be anybody interest in coming to some sort of arrangment?

    I know there will be Champions League Q final tickets availible and any league cup games, there are also a couple of spare tickets for the Villa game tomorrow.

    Each game would be just ticket face value and £15 transport.

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