Manchester's Secret Tunnels

How many of you Mancunians knew about these :w00t:…ter


Some of the pics on that site are unreal!

In the tall buildings they have been to the top of the beetham tower in Manchester and also the Beetham tower in Liverpool by climbing the crane which was the tallest crane in the UK at the time!



How mad is that?!!!


How many of you Mancunians knew about these :w00t: … How many of you Mancunians knew about these :w00t:

There great!

Shame everything is a smashed up though, If it wasn't it would've been a proper step back in time!!

Amazing pics!!

Great find Pav! :thumbsup:

Can't believe those pictures......scary but fasinating at the same time!


manchester beetham … manchester beetham tower... beetham tower...

I really don't like heights and my stomach turned when I saw this :

Brave to say the least!

fantastic find fella :thumbsup: , does anyone have any history about this?

Wow that's absolutely amazing, had no idea that they existed. Would leave rep but says that I have to 'spread it round more.'


How many of you Mancunians knew about these :w00t: … How many of you Mancunians knew about these :w00t:

Think I might have visited these? Or similar ... huge underground tunnels in stockport that provide refuge from air raids during the war. Seemingly they intially built them as underground air raid tunnels ... but with the ulterior motive of making it into a huge carpark. Sandstone was too soft to support the dimensions needed for this and they ended up just as tunnels. Well worth the visit.

Truly Amazing!

Just looking at these again tonight, so much to browse through!

Cant believe these people - the risks they take, and those pictures from the top of cranes in Liverpool are out of this world!
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