Manhunt 2 to be released in the UK?

Found 11th Dec 2007…stm


And i was just listening to the news about 10 minutes ago which said it will go on sale. So maybe the BBFC have given up??

Who knows.

Only time will tell.

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the whole thing is absolute joke, it better go on sale out of principal

im pretty sure ill be able to play an uncensored version regardless

Never understood the commotion about it... It's a pretty ****** game, it's prequel was a ****** game and the BBFC are very good at giving out certificates.

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Exactly, if a parent buys it for their child its their responsibility, all these parents who are against 18+ games, if they dont buy it for their children?

who cares?

I honestly dont.

Its a stifling of free speech.

Nothing should be banned, 18+ is satisfactory. Your supposed to be an adult by then and able to decide if you want to view it or not.
You dotn have to buy it, if a kid gets it theres age restrictions for a reason, and if the parent buys it, its their own fault.
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