Manual or instructions for Brandt ACA7000 MWC001 built in microwave/grill

Posted 18th Sep
I've search high and low on the web but can't find a manual for this microwave/grill. moved into a property and this is built in. worked out how to microwave ok but wanted to use the grill but have no idea on what the symbols mean…911
this is a picture . anyone got one of these , or can point me to a manual or even give an educated gues on how i might be able to use the grill based on the symbols.
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The first button would appear to be the microwave, the second is for microwave too, but reduces the power, so third would seem to be for the grille.
Fan for fan assisted oven, and 2 circles might mean double oven.
P/c is probably pause/cancel
Circle with line through it might stop rotating microwave plate
The "I" in triangle looks like start
Thanks for the advice
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