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Found 12th Jun 2007
"With global warming becoming an increasing problem and a major concern for governments across the world, it’s time that action is taken.

Currently, VAT is charged on energy efficient products sold in the UK, raising prices and putting consumers off doing their little bit to help the environment.

If VAT was removed from all energy efficient products, prices would fall and more people could afford to buy them – in turn, helping to reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Together we can make a difference, so if you believe VAT should be removed from all energy efficient products sold in the UK please make your view known and sign up to our petition"

You know something? I hate hypocrasy. I loathe it.
We have a govt that says it wants to reduce the UK's carbon footprint, whilst it rakes in VAT on solar products :x
I'd like to use a few expletives to explain my feelings on this, but I won't. Lest I say that the hypocrasy of it is absolutely astounding.
Instead, i'll point you all to the petition for abolishing VAT on energy efficient products. I've signed, I hope you all do to. Some things are worth shouting from the rooftops, and this is one of those things.

Feel free to sign if you don't like hypocrasy ...…spx

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