Maplins stores (probably) closing down

Found 10th Mar
Someone posted a Maplins store shutdown deal but it got removed while I was replying to it (maybe doesn't qualify as a "deal") but it's sad times for Maplins…ion

It looks like they are going bust, unable to compete with the shift to online sales for electronics. Maybe worth keeping an eye on your local stores for any clearance sales.
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I believe there will be an announcement on Monday.
cmdr_elito6 m ago

I believe there will be an announcement on Monday.

Where did you read/hear that?
Went to a store yesterday. Got expected to find the massive discount posters all over the windows. Literally only a couple of items discounted with the rest overpriced as always.
Store in Glasgow today was plastered with store closing signs but hardly anything of note was reduced once inside
The Chelmsford store also had the signs but very little marked up as reduced. I asked the guy behind the counter, he said most things are reduced by 10%, some things are 20 or 30% but you won't know until you scan them at the till. He said bring stuff up and he'll scan it to check the price. I felt bad asking him, felt like a bit of a vulture, I told him it's sad that maplins may be going and had a bit of a chat, nice bloke and felt bad for him possibly losing his job.
I visited yesterday and thought items were cheaper on December sales than they are now
always surprised me how they continued when everything they have is marked up extortionately compared to what one can get online.
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