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    My father in law bought a sat nav - Nuvi 360 in South Africa (Where he is from) at the end of last year. It came with European Tour gide (I think thats what its called) and he had to pay extra for South African street maps. He is wanting to get the updated European street maps but from what I can see it costs £59.99 plus vat - is this correct?

    Sorry - I dont know much about the! - the one he looked at on the site is the one below:

    City Navigator - Europe NT 2008 Map Update
    product 010-D0026-00

    Seems quite dear as he hasnt had the machine for a year so thought Maps would be included for a certain time...

    Also interested in this myself as I have a sat Nav kicking baout at home we use occassionaly if my sister is taking us somewhere we dont know route to....

    Thanks for any info...



    Are You Saying That The Unit Has European Maps As Standard? If So And It Was Bought With A Proper Retail Receipt And 2008 Maps Were Already Released At That Time But The Unit Had An Earlier Map Version Then He Might Be Able To Get A Free Upgrade. Get In Touch With Garmin Uk.

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    Will have to find out when 2008 maps were releasd and thenget him to check his laptop for receipt date. I know he has registered with but only shows SA stuff when on site...
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