Marco Robinson's free Preston flat giveaway on Ch4

    all round generous nice guy or exploiting desperate/vulnerable people for entertainment ?

    it's not too late to apply


    The thing is you can get flats at auction in Preston and those areas north of Liverpool for as little as £25K + Fees. If you cant afford that then you are probably better off on in a council/HA property.

    I cant see the point of a show?
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    some flats go for 12grand around preston , plagued with problems though inc severe damp to service charges, grounds maintenance not set up etc

    About time they did a show along the lines of " Benefit Street" only in the gated communities of the tax evaders/avoiders.

    "FREE 3 bed flat to give away in Preston, Lancashire worth approximately £120,000."

    "Once the current owner has decided who will be the recipient of the property then that person will be permitted to live in the property rent free for up to a 12 month period according to a tenancy agreement between the current owner and the chosen recipient and subject to any terms and conditions imposed by such tenancy agreement. Following the expiry of the 12 month period the property will be transferred at the landlord’s discretion to the recipient blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah "
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