Margarine falling off knife

Found 3rd Feb 2010
Anyone else having problems with margarine nowadays falling off the knife while trying to spread?
Bugging the hell out off me.
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It truly is ruining my life for sure.
Wow :shock:
Yeah i had to have councelling in the end. Bad times
I always find 'I can't believe its not butter' is the worst culprit!!!!
yes. i have resorted to contacting trading standards.
Obviously creating a fair bit of friction with your scraping.
lol, it's not just me then, so annoying.
Mother of God....I thought I was alone.... UNTIL NOW :w00t:

I've set up a support group here.... [url][/url]
Seriously I was whinging about this to my OH just the other day, annoys the flipping heck out of me.

Apparently it has never happened to him though, lucky sod.
The current advice is to use a spoon.
I think the OP is here to spread rumours ......... :roll:
i had therapy for this i kept stabbing clover
Perhaps your fridges are too warm lol

I've never noticed to be honest but i mainly use Flora Pro Active.
Mix 1lb of lard into your margarine tub - problem solved:thumbsup:
A spork
OP, Stop using floora :thumbsup:
I put my in the fridge that usually keeps it from running off the knife, though I seem to have the problem when I put far to much on and if I spread it on toast, think it might be to do with the heat, I can never tell, feels like witchcraft If you ask me.
I had this problem - changed brands. It was really annoying when trying to butter bread and it fell off the knife before it reached the bread, or after one sweep across the slice it would fall off the end. I think it was ASDA's own, now I get the one that it looks like, I Can't Believe... or Utterly Butterly. I can't remember. I just buy it
Try glue instead of butter, that hopefully wont fall off
I have done some personal research and the problem seems to arise when a knife is used more than once (often solely used for buttering) and is wiped clean. The wiping action seems to cause a polishing effect on the knife and subsequently makes it more 'slippery'. This sometimes is resolved by washing the knife with washing up liquid and rinsing + using knives in rotation. *Pushes glasses back up*
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