"Marilyn Manson undergoes sex change".

Found 1st Apr 2008
Breaking news ..............
It was the official Manson website which broke the news on Monday, March 31st with the simple headline "Marilyn Manson undergoes sex change". In a press release issued later that day to a select group of journalists Manson explained that the sex change would come as a real shock to many but no to his closest friends such as John 5 and Stephen Gregory Bier Jr. (aka Madonna Wayne Gacy) who - and we quote - "always respected the feminine side of me". Still according to the rather brief press message, the facial operation was done in Buenos Aires at a health care provider devoted exclusively to transsexual and transgender patients. The result can be viewed right here and looks, honestly, quite impressive. The other operations were executed in Germany, supposedly at the Klinik Sans Souci (what's in a name).

Manson who usually has no problem with public attention now asks the press for some respect for his privacy: "On due time you will be given the opportunity to talk to me about this drastic decision which will change my whole live as a human being and as a performer." Or as Dita Von Teese says in a reaction: "The name and manners were already there, the body has followed..."
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APRIL FOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????:thumbsup:
remind me, what day is it today?
Wouln't surprise me if it was true!!!!!!!!!!!!
deffinet april fool
Oh, has she become a man?

Oh, has she become a man?

good one ! ;-)
that was one weak april fools

that was one weak april fools

is that a Sunday league ? lol :-)
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