Marine rescue attempt by Apache Helo

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Found 18th Jan 2007
We all know what big news Celebrity Big Brother is and the hours/days of news coverage its had (appalling waste of television both the programme and the news coverage)

Swamped by this coverage was a little item about some marines and air force personnel who volunteered to retrieve a fallen comrade in Helmand province. So they strapped themselves to the outside of the Apache helicopter and went back into what must have been an extremely hostile battlefield. Tragically the marine had been killed in action but they retreived the body.

The bravery and heroism of the forces personnel involved in this astounds me. No matter what your opinion is of the politicians who sent them there the forces personnel deserve far more recognition for their actions. I can only hope the soldiers and airmen involved are honoured for their bravery.

Sort of puts the celeb BB thing into its minor perspective.......

(news report is here…stm )

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Im fed up of the BB coverage, especially with it overtaking IMPORTANT things like this :-(

I've never watched BB and I don't see any point in it.
I fully agree with you gari189 about our Forces:)

I don't really watch TV, so don't understand the whole fuss about BB. As to marines, I totally agree with OP - stories like this must be getting more publicity.

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The report just seems to really have gotten to me. I'm not usually a soapbox person but this should have been the BIG news story not BB.

I just can't express what bravery they must have had to strap themselves to the outside of a helicopter to be shot at!

its the bond between them,i have the highest respects for all of them.
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