Found 16th Apr 2008
I saw in the window of game that you can get Mario Kart for £9.99 when you trade in certain Wii games, anyone know which these are as I'm looking at trading in Super Paper Mario of Fifa.



You can trade in ANY two (Wii) prob best to trade in the two cheapest ones you have (or can get hold of)

Wii games have been posted on here recently as little as £8 each - meaning if you're clever you can get Mario Kart for just over £25

Have they now changed the offer? At the weekend it was trade in any 2 Wii games and get any Wii chart game for £9.99, or MarioKart for £4.99!!!

You should see how much the trade in value for SPM is, as you should be able to get £15 if you sold this yourself.

I got £21 for Mario Party 8 at the weekend - £3.50 more than I paid for it in the half price promo at Gamestation before xmas...

Can you trade in 2 Used Wii Games

Ricardo Kaka;1906881

Can you trade in 2 Used Wii Games

Yes that's the whole idea :thumbsup:
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