Mario Kart Nintendo Wii.....Any hints and tips?

    I am struggling with the later cups on 150cc
    Has anyone got any decent hints/tips as to how I can do better?
    I know that I could look this up on the internet but I do not want
    to be tempted to use any cheats which are no doubt kicking about on the web!
    Any help is greatly appreciated.....Thank you


    Biggest tip is to use a Gamecube controller if you have one. Or the classic WII controller will also suffice. The steering wheel thing looks fun, and is easy for beginners to get to grips with, but does not cut the mustard in the more difficult races. GC cont. is best

    Best advice is:

    Do tricks whenever you are off the ground, speed boost is always handy!
    Use your items wisely, in any normal race you won't be able to lead the entire race.
    Bananas are a life saver if used properly against those red shells.
    Try to work out the fastest route, there are always little short cuts around, just need to spot them
    Always try for the speed start by accellerating at the right time.
    Try to master the power slides around corners to get a speed boost

    GC controller is probably the best but the wheel is the most fun to use.

    Good luck

    One thing that I find quite useful is that sometimes you can do tricks in places you wouldn't expect - for example in Bowsers castle you can do tricks on the twisting floor section, and also off the lava geysers right at the end. Also on the bridge in Maple Treeway.

    Maybe these are obvious, I don't know. I find them useful anyway.

    Original Poster

    Thank you people for all your help + tips.
    I do need to get better at the speed burst i sometimes struggle to control it
    I will look at changing character I think and suggestions?
    I do not know about the getting the GC controller as I have 4 wimotes
    but I suppose if it helps I will look to buy one.
    REP left for all............

    I actually prefer using the Wiimote + nunchuck. The main advantage it has over the GC controller is that you don't have to take your thumb off the analogue stick to do tricks or wheelies. Normally I would prefer a button press over gesture based controls, but it works surprisingly well.
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