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Posted 9th Nov
Is it available for tablets, or just a mobile phone game?

If you have played it, what are your thoughts on the game? Worth purchasing?
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I got it on me iPad. It’s not a bad game BUT the controls take a little getting used to in my opinion. I also had to keep restarting the game because I didn’t want Toad as my first racer :/
If you've never played Mario Kart before then you'll love it. If you have played Mario Kart before, and bearing in mind that this comes after the superb Mario Kart 8 & MK8 Deluxe, then you'll find it a not very interesting stripped down and simplistic game that takes away a lot of what made the previous Mario Kart games so good. I downloaded it on to my iPad and after about 10 minutes deleted it, it wasn't something I had any interest in going back to.
It's ok. As said before not a patch on proper Mario kart. And I wouldn't spend any money on it. Ok for a race or two once in a while. I only play maybr once a week, and will probably end up deleting it. Especially, as Haircut_100 said, I've got a switch with mario kart 8 delux, so my portable needs are met!
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