Mario Party 8 on the Wii

    Bought this game yesterday with big expectations but am hugely disappointed.

    I am not a big gamer as such, and after reading reviews i thought it would be a fun, easy to follow game to play with friends etc but personally think it's rubbish.
    Poor mini games which are difficult to control, poor music and speech, and not fun whatsoever.

    Anybody else agree or disagree?

    Or any other ideas for fun Wii games....??


    Wario Ware Smooth Moves is fun !

    From the video it does not look much fun but I agree that Wario Smooth moves is very fun! I was actualy just playing it last week and still had a few laughts trying to do the hoola loops.

    Original Poster

    I know its personal choice and views but i thought wario moves was awful as well....!

    Maybe i need to get my spectrum 64 out the loft ...:)

    strange, our family loves marioparty8, never really thought there was any problems with controls etc.

    I didn't like Mario Party 8 much myself either. Have just completed Rayman Raving Rabbids, absolutely loved that one

    I havent thought much to mario 8 or wario ware, rayman rabbids is a good game though!

    i really like mario party 8 but my boyf hates it.
    we both had a good laugh playing wario smooth moves and also ravin rabbids which has already been mentioned.
    my big time recomendation would be to buy some wii points and download mario kart 64 - always a winner, can't believe i still remembered all the courses - great fun!
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