Mario Party 8 + Wii play V's Mario Kart

    Im bored of mario party 8 and never really play wii play so am looking at trading in both games and getting mario kart.

    Is it worth doing?

    Is mario kart really as good as everyone says?

    If not which other games are people recommending?

    Thanks all ..!!


    Mario Kart is fun, but then again I think Mario Party 8 is cool too....will places let you trade wii play in??? Just wondering with everyone buying that game to get the 'free' remote

    We love mario kart. I had it on the super nintendo yrs ago & it is much better as you get 2 use the steering wheel!! I'm one of those people who steer with their controller (you know tipping it up when u go round corners, etc)regardless so the wii makes this a whole lot better for me!

    Wouldnt like to comment on mario party as havent got that one but we arent bored of mario kart yet. Even the kids can play it

    keep party and play mario kart is ok but all u do is drive around get boring after a while

    CRASH BANDICOOT,CRASH OF THE TITANS is ok and Wonderworld is a good game

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    Decisions decisions .............. Thanks all ..
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