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Mario Party on Switch

Posted 19th May
Anyone know if you can play the game with any 3rd party controllers other than the joycons. Find these so badly manufactured that 2 pairs have failed with either a button or stick going. We now have a new game and only a single controller able to play it. The game denies you trying to play it with the Pro controller that we have too. Is it £70 controllers or nothing?

Any help from Mario Partiers appreciated. Thanks
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Check the back of the box see what controllers it supports. The Nintendo switch can use the pro controller along with Xbox and PlayStation and Wii U controllers. You can use a Bluetooth adapter as far as I am aware or wire them up. If it says pro controller compatible it means it should work with standard controllers. Do be aware the button layout is different on switch
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I use my Xbox controller
As far as I am aware, Super Mario Party is joy con only.
Isapropyl alcohol fixes the sticks
3rd party joycons work fine so you don't need to shell out £70 for a set
bobdylan19/05/2020 22:33

3rd party joycons work fine so you don't need to shell out £70 for a set

Got a link to a suitable 3rd party alternative please?
I just picked up a set from eBay
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