Mario Party Superstars or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for family fun time?

Posted 27th Jan 2022
Hi. Just got a Switch and am now looking to buy a game to play with family (2+2). Never had any experience with Nintendo games previously. So which game do you think I should get first?

Thank you.
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    Both are fun
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    Mario Party, much more versatile and playing together, the games last longer than Mario Kart. But Mario Kart is still a must and should be your next purchase
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    Thanks everyone! All your replies have made me ending up buying both . Hopefully well worth it! (edited)
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    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for sure, it’s a great pick up and play game.
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    We have both games and actually play party superstars a lot more than Mario Kart, the games are simple but fun especially with 4 players
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    Both are 100% worth buying but for family fun it's definitely party superstars in our house.
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    Mario party all the way
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    You need them both, party will give more choice to start with but mario kart well worth buying.
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    My money would be on Party as a preference. Nothing wrong with Kart, but it only takes one person to not quite get the hang of driving to completely spoil it for them.

    And don't underestimate the cost of another pair of joycons...
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    Family fun, Mario Party unless you all love racers. The best game is Mario Kart though
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    The difference mainly is Superstars board games can last longer than a few rounds of a race track

    You could be around an hour 1/2 for the hardest board game, so it can take up some time.

    They are great fun though, so get both!

    One is a racing game and the other a board game, so completely different types (edited)
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