Mark and spencer and debenhams shopping experience

Did any one had bad experience shopping in debenhams and M&S online;
kindly reply your experiences and i think if you had bad experiences like i did we need to complain against them;
they cant take consumers for granted;
lately;during this easter sale M&S did an online as well as instore sale and i picked up good amount of items and got the sales order confirmation and now they tell me all the items are out of stock;
i think what they do is make us wait till their online sale is over and if there are any leftovers they send to us otherwise send us an apology;thats it!!!
or there is inside trading by their own employee ;i am just guessing the probables ; or they have avery screwed up online system which means we should never do online shopping with them;
what i found with this complete experience is that debenhams are rubbish and M&S are little bit cutomer concerned but at the end ; the result is the same;
why do they have online website for shopping if they cant manage?
they can have better promotion startegies instead reducing their customer base.
and no wonder why these stores arent doing good; they dont care about us?
i would recommend you all not to shop with them online;
i was a loyal customer of these two but not any more,
stores like debenhams discourages customers like me to do online shopping.
do any of you know any customer complain forums or govt regulators who can check these irregularities;


not going into detail , but i will never shop at debenhams again :x

I found M & S ok, its Tesco that gave me grief, even ordered on the phone and then didn't get the goods as staff nabbed them, they almost admitted it but still didn't even get a sorry!

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hey guys dont we have a way to stop these guys to take us for a ride? apart from not shopping at these places? but again having said that the quality of products at these places are much better and once they offer a SALE it does lure you again, there has to be a way out ; any ideas?

Hold on a mo.
Tthe M&S sales are genuine reduction to clear stock NOT special offers or special purchases that companies like Debenhams fill their sales with. M&S keep reducing the price of sale items until there is nothing left, so you have to be quick. When you log on and something is in stock there may only be one left, so shows instock but someone else can pip you to the post if they check out before you. You are saving upto 75% so YOU have to be quick. This week M&S reduced its sale stock further and it all sold within 48 hours. Lots of positive comments on here from people who got some real bargains at M&S this week.
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