Marker pen on wall help-Please

Found 24th Sep 2008
Just after some advice-when i was cleaning the bathroom from the whole tub of baby talc used to create 'Godmother Dust' like in Cinderella, my lovely 'arty' 3 year old got a black marker pen out of my work bag and drew (and i mean drew-not a tiny mark) all over my newly painted magnolia walls !

Have tried baby wipes, washing up liquid and bleach spray-but all to no avail-anyone got any ideas that will help me get it off ?!

Please help save my sanity !!!!
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you got any of that paint left, might come in handy again.
i always keep a little back just to touch up areas when they get dirty.
oh, not sure what they are called but they are little blocks of sponge, flash i think?, i use them on the wall all the time, and all over, but do the job on the wall a treat

magic earaser or something like that i think ??

Hair spay, it works on most things inc biro
Hairspray gets marker pen off, haven't tried it on the wall yet tho!
Hope this helps.
Methylated spirit will get rid of the marker, but will probably remove the paint too
I'd go with the hairspray, a quick Google seems to suggest that this is the most popular!

Good luck!
Aftershave / perfume will get permanent marker off most things without damaging paint (don't waste any good stuff though, you can just get cheap **** from Poundland...)
Repaint over it, after scouring it off :thumbsup:
Foosball Chum;3041684

Repaint over it, after scouring it off :thumbsup:

:thumbsup: this would be my choice as whatever you do will make it look different. Then beat her up:w00t:
Yeah hairspray does and and even going over the permanant marker with a dry wipe marker works too
Nothing will remove marker without removing the emulsion, best thing is gently rub the area till you have removed the marker and paint over it
You are stars-thanks for the tips-will get at it tonight when she is in bed-not trying now incase she tries to 'help' !

You are sanity savers-thanks for helping !
Just a tip for touching it up dont do it with straight or regular shaped edges an uneven outline will not stand out as much (been there done that - kids!!!!!)
thanks again-had to admit it to OH tonight-but at least i had some tips to get it off !
wd40 removes marker pen.
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