Marks & Spencer to close over 100 stores over next four years

Found 22nd May 2018
Looks like the rumoured shake up of Marks & Spencers is going ahead.

2943166.jpg(via Google News)

Marks & Spencer has announced plans to close more than 100 stores by 2022 as part of a “radical transformation” of the company.

The stores closed in April included:

  • Birkenhead, Merseyside
  • Bournemouth, Dorset
  • Durham, County Durham
  • Fforestfach, Pembrokeshire
  • Putney, South-West London
  • Redditch, Worcestershire

The 14 M&S stores affected are:

  • Bayswater, Fleetwood (outlet store) and Newton Abbot (outlet store), which are all due to close by the end of July 2018

  • Clacton and Holloway Road, which will both shut by early 2019

  • Darlington, East Kilbride, Falkirk, Kettering, Newmarket, New Mersey Speke, Northampton, Stockton and Walsall, which are proposed for closure

2943166-q6iEn.jpg(via BBC)

The company said: “Alongside relocations, conversions, downsizes and the introduction of concessions, these closures will radically reshape M&S’s clothing & home space.”

M&S is also scaling back its Simply Food store opening plan from 200 new stores to just 36 over the next six months.
Community Updates
Sounds sensible, online retailing growing.
The traditional M&S customer demographic must be running out. Nobody lives for ever.
Not here deeky

Please can we have Iceland back ?
M&S should hold out two years more.

There may be a huge increase demand for British made produce as imported stuff will be much hard to come by.

And online business may take a nose-dive as there wouldn't be deliverers and warehouse workers cheap enough to despatch those cheap deliveries.

E.g. It may be attractive to buy M&S underwear and socks again, say £30-£35 for a pack of 5 pairs of British made socks, if delivery is £7 + £20 imported socks. I said it before, the entrepreneurs do need to jack up the individual salary to £40,000 as only then do people start to contribute decent money for NHS, other public services, state pension, welfare benefits and self contributory additional pension for 66 years of age (if not earlier due to ill health).

Etc. etc.
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