marks & spencers online orders never completed - complain and gain!!!

Found 31st Mar 2008
ordered set of 12 kids cars from deal posted on hduk plus couple of other things
just got email saying out of stock - i was miffed as its not first time m & s have cancelled things i have ordered - so i rang customer services to complain - and i asked could i have my postal charges refunded - lovely girl on customer srvice was really apologetic and i have got £10.00 put into my account - very nice
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Not bad at all.
.............................. must give this a go !!
pretty good. It pays to have a moan every now and again
happened here as well..10 credit!
what i find is that if you are very nice to them and say i know its not your fault - and i always thanks them for being soooo helpful - im off to phone empire now as the bloody hoover i bought has broke!!
Yes this happened to me again so I emailed them to complain and got £10 credit also. Their order system is really shocking never had problems like this from anyone else. Out of an order of 12 items I got 1 item even though order went through ok.
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