Has any one been to marmaris????

    Can anyone recomend dos/and donts???

    Places to go/see

    and places to miss???

    going 18th June and looking for some hints and tips



    Do Not Have Ice In Drinks Or Eat Salads :oops:

    Enjoyed Marmaris although the beaches were crap but just got a bus to Bodrum most days

    Markets are good if you're brave enough to haggle

    I got called Naomi bleedin Campbell when I went, my bald brother Bob Marley :thinking:

    Hire a car and visit Pamukkele.....think thats how you spell it :oops: amazing place I thought

    I went about 10 years ago and got really fed up of being pestered by trades people every where I went.

    Basically every bar and restaurant has someone outside to try and drag you in. The shopkeepers also pester you especially if they see you glance at their shop window.

    If you get the taxi boat to Icmeler in the next bay then it's a bit better. A day trip to Rhodes (Greece) on the hydrofoil is welcome respite but is a long journey.

    You need LOTS of spends!


    Can anyone recomend dos/and donts???

    Yes, don't create multiple accounts after you've been banned.

    Thread closed.


    Can anyone recomend dos/and donts???

    Yeah; DO remember to take your real passport - you must have loads based on your HUKD IDs
    DON'T buy fake goods whilst in Marmaris and then try to sell them on HUKD/ as genuine goods under any future IDs

    and places to miss???

    Internet cafes

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