marmite love it or hate it ???

    lol do you love or hate the stuff
    i love it myself


    i'm indifferent

    love it sometimes
    hate it other times

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    i love it on thick bread with tonns of butter really hot yum yum gona have some now

    loveeeeeeeee! and the champagne one too!


    i'm indifferentlove it sometimeshate it other times

    same :thumbsup:

    gotta fancy it :-D

    Like it, but gotta have tonnes of marge with it and only use a bit of marmite.

    Missus told me to try marmite and peanut butter on toast, it was a good suggestion!

    Edit: Currently on Lidl's marmite - "Route 66"! Not bad at all.


    Ewwwww hate :shock:

    :thumbsup:nice on top of cheese on toast

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    i work for lidls does it taste any diff ?

    Never ever tried it.


    i work for lidls does it taste any diff ?

    A bit, it's hard to describe but it's very much like the original marmite. We had Tesco's yeast extract last time and it's much much different than the original. It wasn't awful but it certainly wasn't the same as marmite. Route 66 is currently my fav couterfeit marmitey purchase!

    hate it

    love it on hot toast loads of butter and thin scraping of marmite mmmmm

    Bleugh, it's just wrong!

    hate it when I tried it years ago

    Horrible stuff!

    Hate it!

    I'd rather eat dog food!

    Id rather eat a dog!

    Love It Lots..yummy

    Love it ....


    love it!

    Love it on toast

    luv it

    I like it on twiglets

    Love it...

    Wife loves it also...



    Id rather eat a dog!

    I beg to differ...

    Hate it, its just ewwy and wrong

    Love it !! - even Paddington Bear loves it these days!

    Don't like it.

    There was a Walker's Limited Edition Marmite crisps too.

    Sorry, but I hate it!!!

    Original Poster

    i love the crisps to lol yum yum

    I love Marmite!

    love it on toast or as a sandwich filling:thumbsup:
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