Marrakech shopping tips and cheapest way to get money?

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Found 6th Sep 2010
Hi I'm going soon and want to buy some quality leather holdalls (for men) maybe a fake designer brand?? Any tips on how to check or good quality apart from stitching? Finally cheapest way to get dirhams?
Cheers guys
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Don't know about getting dirhams cheap, but do consider the weight of the holdall you buy. I bought a couple when I was in Morocco, and they were so heavy they were useless for flying due to the weight restrictions on most airlines. Having said that, they were brill quality and fine for short breaks in this country
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do you have any idea how much roughly you paid for them as an idea? And were they from the souks? thanks
I bought them in Tangiers...a few years ago now....I can't be certain, but I think I paid about £30 each for them. Bought them in a shop in the souk, but you do have to haggle hard as you probably know
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yeah sorry to ask so many questions did you see any quality fakes or did they all look pretty cheap and badly made?
I can't recall the fakes...I just went for a good quality bag without the name. There are loads of rubbishy stuff out there, but search around for the good is there
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cheers anyone else got any tips of how to tell if the leather is good quality?
Not sure how to tell if the leather is good, other than to say if it's poor quality then the same may happen to you as a workmate - he bought a 'leather' jacket in Morocco, which melted when he left it next to a hot radiator!
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haha ill try to make sure i dont buy plastic lol
If it smells 'wrong' it is possibly camel and the smell will be inclined to linger! Just remember to haggle like mad - 'ghali barcha' mean 'too expensive' and 'ma andee floos' means 'I have no money'!!
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