Marriott for 31-33 nights. (points plus discounts)


    In June/July I'm flying to Goa and will stay there for around one month. I've decided to stay at Marriott as for some reason I like this chain.

    Anyway, I thought that staying for such a long period I'll get *better* price/per night than advertised on the web.
    Also, for the first two weeks I'll be there alone so in theory it should lower the price a bit- NO. (official response from Marriott via email and telephone)

    As all my attempts to get better deal has failed I thought that it will be nice of them to do free upgrade- I mean better room OR at least access to the lounge.. Nothing like that- sorry. It looks like for them it doesn't matter if some1 is staying for 1 night or for 30 which is quite silly IMHO.

    Total for stay (per room) is $4262.50 and I'm sure that they can't afford to just fob me off.

    So- ANY ideas what I should do? Push them harder? Escalate to management level and try harder to get better deal/free upgrade?
    Just to tell you: I'm quite happy with the price but I *HATE* paying asked price.

    As a small revenge I can book all 33 nights separately to make small mess in their systems

    Question number 2 is more complicated:

    Should I stay with Marriott points or should I convert them to Tesco points and then convert them for Marriott vouchers? We are planning to spend few nights up in Scotland by the end of the year so free nights are more then welcome...

    Any other advice? What else I can do to get *most* out of this deal?

    Many thanks in advance!!


    As a small revenge I can book all 33 nights separately to make small … As a small revenge I can book all 33 nights separately to make small mess in their systems

    You might well end up moving room 32 times

    Can't help any more...

    For a long stay booking like this for 1 room, hotels will be highly unlikely to offer any sort of discount or upgrade. If you were booking 10 rooms for this length of time then you would be more likely to get a better rate or upgrade. Escalating to management level won't really get you anywhere.

    Last year I was going to Sydney and wanted to stay in the Sydney Harbour Marriott, I work in the travel industry and tried to get a travel trade discount but they were having none of it. Like you I wasn't going to pay the advertised price, so I just checked round all the websites and ended up with a really good price. I then emailed reservations at the hotel a few days before I was going to say I worked in travel and that I was getting married in Sydney and would it be possible to have a room with a harbour view. When we checked in we had been allocated a duplexe suite on the top floor with a fantastic view of Sydney Harbour!

    If I was you I would book it elsewhere at a lower price and email the hotel saying as you are staying for so long could you be allocated a nice room and you may well find yourself being upgraded.

    The cheapest I have found the Marriott in Goa is with [url][/url] from £62 per room per night

    Original Poster

    Thank you for your time!!!
    Rep added (just for a SEARCHING you deserve that!)


    No worries hope you get something sorted with them at a decent price!

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    Thank you for your posts
    Just couple things- it is a nice site- I like overview of all prices!
    The problem is that I'm paying $125 with 3x buffet meals so 62 quid it is not a VERY good deal but actually without food I'd buy this hotel on website.

    Also, I'm the IT guy so nothing to do with travel industry whatsoever But- they don't know this so WILL try my luck

    Yeah, it is not the problem with the price - I just want to get something for spending that much money - actually more than 30 nights in one place is not that common, is it?

    Thanks one more time for your help!

    Columb, 30 nights in the same place can be quite common in London, New York etc but is probably a bit unusual in Goa.

    I understand completely where you are coming from, if I was paying that amount I would be looking for something a bit extra as well but unfortunately hotels don't always see it like that!
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