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Found 3rd Jan
Has anyone on here ever taken advantage of this deal? Was it any good? Also... the number of people allowed in the deal (75) is that total in including evening guests? Or is that just Day guests? I'm going to chat to them later but just wanted an honest opinion from someone else who had done it. Not a fan of hotel weddings but it seems too good a deal to completely ignore! Any help appreciated

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What deal?


Just as far as the hotel check the Marriot you might want to use is good! The awful one at Waltham Abbey for example is worthy of only one demolishment. They have a number of shabby older properties which need investment before you would want to have a sleep there, let a lone a wedding!

It may be a good deal, but i would expect they have an idea of how many guests would book a room. Then 75 people buying drinks at there fixed prices all day breakfast following day soon amounts up for them. So although it might be a good deal,its still good business for them. Its a special day for you so make sure you ask about every nitty gritty however small.

Its ok them saying buffet for 75 and then only having enough for 50. Find put exactly what you will get. And if plonk is supplied ask to try it.

I went to a fantastic wedding in sheffield and some of the food was awful. melon was sour some starters was poor
Ask for a taster menu for free.
I would even try to push for extras. flowers for bridesmaids maybe etc. good luck.

I have used the Bristol Marriott for a large function (400+ people) for the past two years, and booked again for the next two years. Their service is amazing, and nothing is too much trouble. I noticed they were doing these wedding packages.
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