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    Ordered SE K800i from MW, as a new customer, on 4/1/08 - using £20 discount code. Email order value inc delivery was £39 yet they have charged my card £62.50 - full price inc £3.50 postage.
    Interested to know if any members were able to buy using the code?
    Any feedback on this / MW welcome!


    If you check your bank/card statement they take the full amount 1st then refund your account the rest. This is what they did with me anyway. Hope this helps.

    i had similar problem and they told me the £20 new customer code had to be on a item over £50.

    i didnt order the phone, but its my understanding that marshal ward take the full price of the item from you card and then refund you each voucher in separate transactions, its worth keeping an eye on your account and see if they refund you, maybe have another look over the thread and see if anyone else has reported any trouble there.

    (also this should probably of been posted in the misc section, the names are quite confusing but feedback is reserved for feedback/questions on HUKD itsself)

    Moved to misc forum, feedback is for HUKD issues...

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    Thanks a lot for these replies - which have clarified matters for me. Point re. Miscellaneous Items Category noted!

    The same issue applies to me, I ordered 6th January evening, it's now 10th January afternoon and still no refund, is this normal?

    They usually refund you when your item's been dispatched. Do you have an estimated delivery date?


    they now check to see if the code has been given to you from them if not you will be charged full price, if it's a first offence lol i think they refund you

    the 1st i bought of them, i used a £10 off code. i chose to pay straight away so they took the full amount, after a few days i checked and no refund so i rang em up and told em, THEN they refunded me back.(they asked me which code i used)


    They usually refund you when your item's been dispatched. Do you have an … They usually refund you when your item's been dispatched. Do you have an estimated delivery date?:)

    Well it says Awaiting Stock. Delivery by Tue 15th January in the Order Confirmation... I don't mind waiting that, just hope they refund me the 23.50 or I'm gonna be mad. :thumbsup:

    hmm mine says that too..about 15h january..and no refund yet either..will call tomorrow to check they are actually gonna post it..cuz it keeps saying out of stock

    i used the mardhall ward code on the kettle deal a few weeks back

    it was £14 + £3.50 delvery and after they charged me the full £17.50 - gave me a refund to cc of £13.50 and all i paid was £4 came within 2 days too

    hey guys
    ok i called them up and asked for the refund ..and they said they will do it so it`s all good..trusting that. now about`s out of stock but they`re meant to post by 15th ..weird as it says it will be delivered by then on the webpage..see what happens anyway. hope it comes soon!

    I ordered it too but havent checked my bank balance since,
    if they dont refund it they'll be getting my phone sent straight back:x

    they haven't refunded my £23.50 yet either, and my phone still has come yet.

    Do you think its best to wait until the phone is delivered until I ask for the refund, because this way they wouldn't be able to back down on the agreement if i already had the phone?

    my phone just got delivered today & checked the marshall ward accout that i had set up & they had refunded me £23.50 & £3.50 yesterday, so alls good :-)

    Mine came today - also see a refund in account statement.

    Received mine eventually!!
    My account showed full ammount and the discount code's/refund below that!
    Total: £35.50 + on Quidco -£2.13 BARGAIN!!

    1st one was attempted but not in, so changed to work's address, after numerous calls they lost that one.
    They could'nt change delivery address on second/replacement as i did'nt want to go through the same nightmare as previous delivery!

    They could'nt change the delivery address but managed to change the actual name on order?

    Marshall Ward are the worst company online i've ever dealt with!! it's was a great bargin in the end but will NOT deal with these people again!!!!!!! TRY TO AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!

    Original Poster

    Mine arrived 2 days ago - a refund of £23.50 also credited to my account.

    Very pleased all round.
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