Martins Chocolatier Dark and Delicious Selection 30 Chocolate Premium Gift Box now only £80,0020.80 @Amazon Warehouse

Found 24th Nov 2017
Bargain with 20% off! Only £26,667.36 per Chocolate.…new


just bought 2. good deal

Damn missed that price now1,000,000 good deal at £800,000 hope they honour the two you bought
Edited by: "biglol1979" 24th Nov 2017

800k? Must be some really good chocolates

Need 4 boxes for a birthday party.. Anyone willing to contribute a box?

Just checked it out, and it now says: £1,000,026.00 (£2,439,087.80 / kg). I now won't complain if my wife asks for Gold jewellery and month on a private Island hahaha

in it to win it!

So this is how Bezos became the richest man in the world

Well worth it another great bargain

Have my Mill Amazon oh NUTS it has NUTS

Must have been a misprice, have never seen it below a mil :P

That's the xmas pressies sorted. Heat!!

Oh no . Missed it.

Traded in the family home for a box. Christmas is sorted. Cheers OP

Tastes like Easter eggs...

Rather spend it on a skipful of giant Toblerones, save the rest just in case I need to order another load for Christmas.

Lol hilarious misprice Now fixed at £25

Got 10 for eBay. Thanks OP
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