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Found 14th Jul 2008
Does anyone know of any offers for Marwell Zoo? (2 adults)

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maybe check out the zoo's local paper

or ring tourist info and be cheeky and ask them
If they are included in the Kellogs zoo promotion you could get 2 for 2 tickets with a box of cereal. Check out the kellogs site/zoo for details.
They aren't included in the Kelloggs promotion.Marwell is hardly ever on any of the big nationwide promotions.

I get the local newspaper and so far they have not had any offers, last year because of the atrocious weather there were local promotions for Marwell all over the place.

Even the local "Schools Out" magazine is only promoting a free Marwell leopard car sticker this summer!
adopt one of their stick insects????
go to another zoo!
Hi, this might be of help to you, it's not a discount but a cheaper way to get an annual pass. You can currently buy a years pass to Marwell for £48 for an adult and £32 for a child over 3 (under 3's are free). This pass also includes entry to lots of other zoos around the country including Paignton Zoo.

Now, Paignton Zoo also do a pass which includes entry into the same zoos, including Marwell, but their pass only costs £38.90 for an adult and £27.40 for a child, plus they also do a family pass which is just £112 for 2 adults and 3 children! That's much cheaper than Marwell and as far as I can see the only real difference is you'll get Paignton Zoo's magazine instead of Marwells plus you miss out on a discount in the restaurant and gift shop at Marwell- but if you're anything like me you take your own food and avoid the gift shop anyway!

If you've got older kids like me then the family pass is great value, £112 for a years worth of outings to Marwell!

You can apply for the Paignton Zoo pass online so you don't have to go there!

Just spoken to marwell and you can only get in once with paignton pass!
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