mary poppins tickets

    Hi, i'm looking for mary poppins tickets for birmingham or manchester.... or codes for ticketmaster or the theatre sites.... can anyone help?? thanks in advance!


    are you livecard member?

    if not giz a shout and I may be able to help you. LC members can get 1/2 price tickets on certain shows for certain nights.

    Giz a link to the show/threate site please and ill have a look, how many are you looking for in total. (adults and kids)

    Original Poster

    Hi, thanks for replying to my post for mary poppins tickets....
    the links are:…e=3

    this is for 26th dec @ manchester.... i was looking for 2 tickets middle stalls,...
    i'm also looking at other dates too.....
    How do you become a livecard memeber???

    Many thanks

    How many tickets per show can you buy on one livecard ?
    Does it mean that the tickets are going to be half price if there is a box on the ticketmaster to enter the livecard membership?
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